Traditional  Liturgical  Calendar

F E B R U A R Y    2 0 2 3


M A R C H    2 0 2 3


*  Scanned and posted with the permission of the CMRI.

This [traditional] liturgical calendar is designed for use by the CMRI [as a Marian Congregation following the spirituality of St. Louis de Montfort] and incorporates the traditional customs and discipline for the United States of America.  It follows the liturgical changes which were approved by Pope Pius XII [in the spirit of obedience to a legitimate pope] and includes the Saints canonized by him.

The rubrics that the CMRI follows are from 1956.  For the Ordo used by the Congregation, an online resource can be viewed here.

For the [local] calendar reflecting the Philippine customs and discipline, this is a big project we commit to the future [as we lack the necessary time and resources at present] and which we hope to accomplish with the help of God’s grace.

For the Chapel’s note on the issue of the Liturgy, please read

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