Holy Days of Obligation in the Philippines

Taken from the National Catholic Almanac of the Philippines, 1958 Edition:


All Catholics that reached the age of seven are bound to hear Mass

and abstain from servile work on these days: *


All Sundays of the year, and the following days:

  1)   The Circumcision of Our Lord  (New Year’s Day)   –   January 1

  2)   The Epiphany of Our Lord  (Three Kings)   –   January 6

  3)   The Feast of St. Joseph   –   March 19

  4)   The Ascension of Our Lord (Ascension Thursday)   –   movable date

  5)   The Feast of Corpus Christi (Thursday after Trinity Sunday)   –   movable date

  6)   The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul   –   June 29

  7)   The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary   –   August 15

  8)   The Feast of All Saints   –   November 1

  9)   The Immaculate Conception   –   December 8

10)   The Nativity of Our Lord (Christmas Day)   –   December 25


*  It is a mortal sin for a Catholic to neglect this duty, unless he/she is lawfully hindered by any sickness or other sufficient cause.


For any questions or clarifications, please discuss with the priest.


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