Other Traditional Observances in the Philippines

From the National Catholic Almanac of the Philippines, 1958 Edition:


Easter Time

By the new ruling of the Sacred Congregation of the Council, Rome, dated May 16, 1956, all Catholics in the Philippines may fulfill the Easter duty from Septuagesima Sunday until the Feast of All Saints on the first day of November, inclusive.


The Closed Times

There are ceremonies that accompany Christian marriage consisting in covering the spouses with a veil during the Nuptial Mass.  There are, however, certain days consecrated to prayer, during which the Church does not allow such ceremonies.  Hence, the so-called Closed Times.  These are generally the days of Advent and Lent.

In the Philippines, by special privilege from the Holy See, this prohibition does not exist.  Nevertheless it has always been urged that good Catholics abstain from marrying with great solemnity in these closed-periods.


For any questions or clarifications, please discuss with the priest.


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